Magic Pixel
Dynamic Parameters
Dynamic Parameters are placeholders found throughout Tags and Providers which you can replace with data element values, transformation function values.
When defining a tag or provider, there are always places where we need to substitute variables for values or build an array of objects and send it across to the media vendor. This is where dynamic parameters comes into play in MagicPixel.
When you enclose a variable like name (No spaces, begins with a string, can have underscore and hyphens) between {{ and }} notations, the platform automatically recognizes the context of the parameter and allows you do replace those values with dynamic notations.
Dynamic Parameters are only applicable in Tags and Providers

Identifying a dynamic parameter

When you create / update / view provider or tag, try entering random={{random}} in your url parameter and observe the parameter getting created automatically. Once the placeholder appears, you can click on the "Code Select"
icon and choose a data element or transformation function to provide the value for the parameter.
Adding a dynamic parameter