Magic Pixel
Projects are a logical group of media tags applicable to similar web properties
A project in MagicPixel represents a container which groups together Data Elements, Providers, Tags, Qualification Criteria applicable across a similar set of digital web property. Most of our users create a project per website and share the project across websites when the data/tags being collected on the sites are very similar.

Switching Projects

You can easily switch between projects by clicking on the MagicPixel logo on the top left side. You will be presented with a list of projects you have access to. Simply click on one to switch context to that project.
If you are not able to see a project you are expecting to see, your organization administrator may not have set the right access for you. Please reach out to your administrator to request for access.

Creating A Project

Creating a project in MagicPixel is as simple as clicking on the "Add Project" button and entering a few details pertaining to your project.
Field Name
This is a descriptive name of your project
Description of your project which is displayed to users when they click on project settings