Magic Pixel

What is Magic Pixel?

Magic Pixel is one of the first tag managers solely built to focus on Media Tags and Identity Management
Magic Pixel is one of the first tag managers to be built with Media Pixel first mindset. It is not a replacement for Launch, By Adobe or Google Tag Manager or Tealium, but, is built to complement the existing tag managers. Magic Pixels allows the marketing team to finally take control of the media tags on the web pages (be it client side or server side) and publish tags with confidence and monitor them.
One of our enterprise clients published more than 450+ media tags as a two person tag implementation team over the course of 2 months.
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Key Benefits

  • Client side and server side media tagging all in one place
  • Collect your own first party data without having to depend on multiple third party services
  • Stream all media analytics data back to your own Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Monitor and analyze the media tags firing across your website
  • Easy privacy compliance implementation (CCPA / GDPR / PIPEDA etc) - Get a report of whats being blocked and easily quantify the impact on your media campaigns
  • Integrates with all major privacy management/compliance frameworks (OneTrust, WireWheel etc)
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