Publishing a Tag to Staging

Publishing a tag to staging

After creating a new tag on Magic Pixel, it has to be first published to the Staging Environment, and only then it can be published from staging to the production environment.

Once a new tag is created, go to the publish timeline where you will see the list of all the tags across both the staging and production environments. To a publish a new tag to staging:

Step-1: Click on the staging tab to see all the tags in the staging environment. Then click on "Publish to Staging"

Step-2: Then you will be redirected to a page where all the tags that are ready to be published to staging. Here, select the tag you have created.

Note: Here, you will notice that all the dependencies of that particular tag are also automatically selected and you can not unselect them. Magic Pixel automatically detects the dependencies and manages them for you.

Step-3: Once you select the tag that you want to publish, you can now click on "review" to add a name and description to give more context to your publishing activity. This helps in any future references.

Step-4: In the final step, click on "Publish to Staging" to successfully publish your new tag to the staging environment.

This is how you publish a new tag to the staging environment. Now, you can publish the same tag to production. Read: Publishing a Tag from Staging to Production

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