Adding a Tag

On Magic Pixel, creating media tags for client-side and server-side is seamless and can be quickly created in just a few steps:

Step-1: Select the provider

Here from the pre-built list of all the providers, you first select the provider for whom you wish to create the tag (To understand more about providers, read “Providers on Magic Pixel”)

Step-3: Set up the Qualification Criteria

Qualification Criteria of a tag are like the condition/trigger that tells Magic Pixel when to fire that particular tag. (To learn more about qualification criteria, read “Qualification Criteria”, “Adding events on Magic Pixel” )

In this step, you can choose the Qualification Criteria for the tag from the list of Qualifications that you have already created. You can add multiple Qualification Criteria and they will be layered.

Step-4: Set tag info

This is the step where you set a name and validity period for the tag. The default validity period is 1 year for any new tag that is created and can be set to any desired date. (To understand tag validity or expiry, read “Tag Expiry”)

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