Magic Pixel v2
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Qualifications on Magic Pixel are like trigger systems for your tags. Users can add qualification criteria (QC) for both browser-side and server-side tags to ensure their firing when certain criteria are met.
On Magic Pixel, all the standard and commonly used qualification criteria are readily available, and you can directly set them up for your requirement.
Creating Custom Qualification Criteria
To create custom qualification criteria,
Step 1: Go to the qualification criteria section
Step 2: Click on "Add Qualification Criteria" and choose if you want to add it for client-side or server-side.
Step 3: Then give a name to the QC and add data elements to it from the list of existing data elements that you have created on Magic Pixel
Step 4: Once a qualification criterion is created and saved, it can later be attached to as many tags as you want based on the requirement.
This is how you can create Qualification Criteria on Magic Pixel.