Adding a Server-Side Provider

Adding a server-side provider is very easy on Magic Pixel. After opening the Providers page,

  1. Click on the "Add Provider" button on the right top of the page, and then select the "For Server" option to add a provider on the server-side

2. Then choose the provider template as per your requirement from the list of pre-built templates added by Magic Pixel

3. If you choose to add a Custom Server-Side Provider, from the list of Server-Side Providers Templates choose "Custom Image Provider" to place your custom code and send data to it

4. Once you click on "Custom Image Provider", you will be led to a page where you can provide details of your custom provider. Here,

  • You give a name to your custom server-side provider,

  • Add the API to which you wish to send the data

  • And give a description to the custom provider

5. Once the custom server-side details are provided, you can save them and the provider will be added. This new provider will default be added to the staging environment with the status "Pending Publish", which later needs to be moved to the production environment manually

6. Once the provider is added you can directly link it to a tag by clicking on "Add a tag", which will redirect you to a new tag page. To know more about adding a new tag read Adding a Tag

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