Magic Pixel v2
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Publishing a Tag from Staging to Production

On Magic Pixel, before publishing a tag to the Production environment, it has to first be published to the staging environment.
To understand how to publish a tag to staging read: Publishing a Tag to Staging
To publish a tag from staging to production environment,
Step-1: Go to the production tab under the publish timeline, and click on "Publish to Production"
Step-2: Then you will be redirected to a page where all the tags that are in the staging environment. Here, select the tag you wish to move to production.
Step-3: Once you select the tag that you want to publish to Production, you can now click on "review" to add a name and description to give more context to your publishing activity. This helps in any future references.
Step-4: Now, click on "Publish to Production" and your tag will be successfully moved from the staging environment to the production environment.